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Tips on keeping wildlife away from your home

Updated: May 18, 2023

Keeping wildlife away from your home can seem like an impossible and daunting task. Unfortunately, unless you build a moat around your home (still not 100% effective ☹) there is no way to assure wildlife will not be curious about your humble abode.

I’ve comprised a list of the top actions you can personally take to deter wildlife from investigating your property!

1. Tidy up your yard! If it’s one thing animals love, it’s a home they need to put minimal effort into to make a bachelor pad or raise some babies! Brush piles, overgrown bushes and trees.

2. Remove as many sources of food as you can! Take a walk around your yard and make note of the fruit and nut bearing trees. Although you cannot remove EVERY source of food, you can pick the ripened fruits before they fall to the ground.

3. Protect bird feeders. I know you’ve all seen those viral videos of squirrels and raccoons holding on for dear life as the bird feeder spins like a top. However, the seeds and nuts aren’t the only thing to think about! Birds are very fun to watch, for us, AND predatory animals! Having an unprotected bird feeder is essentially asking for foxes, coyotes, hawks, etc., to come and play!

4. Remove containers of standing water. Although Michigan is known for its many freshwater accesses, animals are going to do what is most efficient for them. If you have water barrels or pools, they would be best to be covered!

5. Deter them. The best way to do this would be letting your dog roam the yard! If that is not an option, take dog hair trimmings (yes, you’ll be looked at weird, but you could even ask your local pet groomer for hair) and spread it out around your property line!

6. Cover and secure garbage bins. The most common occurrence in any neighborhood is the trash bin being mistaken for an all you can eat buffet!

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